Elder Dr. Joe B. Maddox, President
work: (865) 599-8919
Email: joebmaddox@comcast.net

Born on a farm in Harris County, Georgia

The 9th of nine children

Married to the former Ms. Vivian Goodwin (high school sweetheart) for 47 years

Two daughters-Tonya Yvette Maddox Lewis (deceased) and Treasure Yvonne Maddox Bell-and four grandchildren

Christian Leadership

Pastor-Teacher, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN. from 1986-present

Taught missionaries in the Virgin islands since 1995

Taught pastors and lay leaders in Africa since 2007

Led establishment of a Bible school in Kenya & Uganda

Chairman of the Board of Directors-TNBM&E

Director of Missions

Chaired several committees as assigned by the President of TNBM&E

Co-Organizer & President of S.A.F.E. Ministries, Inc.-Led participants in teaching and ministry activities

Former President of East Region Congress-TNBM&E

Former Vice-Moderator & Moderator of Knoxville District Baptist Missionary and Educational Association